-Health Coaching Education-

Coaching at Healthy Living: Get the results you are looking for!


We Provide Individual or Group Coaching to those with a specific Health Concern, Weight Management Issues, Better Health needs, More Energy, or creating a Healthy Lifestyle with a Meal Plan!

Our Health Coaches specifically target women, men, kids, and the young adult who has a Goal to Achieve!



15-minute free call to discuss Healthy Lifestyle Habits and let us help you identify what your body is asking for with one of our Coaching Plans.

1st PACKAGE: – Get Motivated Plan

6 Weeks

Of Coaching with (4), Coaching Calls for 1 hour to get the weight off to start feeling better and looking better. You may have tried everything, and weight is NOT budging, OR you want to be coached to get healthier because of a new health crisis, or you just feel your body aging and have NO ENERGY!

Includes HealthyYOU Club for one month.

2nd PACKAGE- I am Serious Plan

3 months 

Of Coaching with (8) Coaching Calls for 1 hour and get serious about challenging areas for you to get motivated or what to do EXACTLY! Don’t let life hold you back from being committed to making plans for your health to feel and look your BEST! 

Includes HealthyYOU Club for three months.

3rd PACKAGE – The Mastermind Plan

1 year

Coaching with (12) Coaching Calls for 1 hour and being the person of integrity who desires success at being healthy in body, mind, and spirit!

Includes Omega-3 Blood Test Kit x1, HealthyYOU Club for 1 year, 12-week Healthy Living class modules, E-mails, FREE Meal Plan Book. 

4th PACKAGE – Stay Healthy Plan

Renew membership each consecutive year to stay on track and stay Healthy!

(12)  30-minute coaching and motivation calls, x1 Omega-3 Blood Testkit to evaluate how well you stay on track, Monthly HealthyYOU Club, New Modules of Health topics, and Recipes to follow! Receive New Cookbook each year!

5th PACKAGE- Get Healthy Plan

30-minute weekly Coaching sessions for those interested in a specific Health concern and want to avoid prescription medications. Select how many weeks you may need for you to reach your goals and get to work to stay healthy.

**Omega-3 Blood Test and Vitamin D Blood Test encouraged for Coaching

Want personalized coaching or to take a class?