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Our Supplement store hosts hundreds of well-established Health food distributors from NOW, Garden of Life, Solaray, Carlson’s, Nature’s Way, Terry Naturally, Doctor’s Best, Renew Life, Homeopathic supplements and many more to help individuals obtain nutrients naturally to help benefit Body Health!


Coaching Services

We Provide Individual Coaching to those with a specific Health concern. Or need help with Weight Management, Meal Planning, Better Health, More Energy, or creating a Healthy Lifestyle!

 Our Health Coaches will specifically help everyone including women, men, kids, seniors and the young adult.


Healthy Meals

We have Power Cookies, Power Crunch or Smoothies. Our meals are  for individuals needing a ready to go meal replacement with a balanced amount of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats!


Group Health Coaching classes

Our classes are offered online or in classroom setting.

Healthy Living Day SPA

Coming soon: We have plans for a Infrared sauna, Massage Therapy, Naturopathic Medicine and treatments.


We offer Individual and Group Exercise classes to specialize in reducing body fat, build muscle, while benefiting cardiovascular and brain health.

Body Testing

We offer a Omega blood score test to measure Inflammation and a

Body Composition to measure body fat, muscle weight, bone weight, calories needed for BMR, Hydration, and metabolic age.

Supplements & Vitamin Consultations

We offer individual consultation on specific supplements/vitamins that your body may need. 

Hollie Drake B.S.N, R.N

Hollie Drake B.S.N, R.N

Hollies health journey begins begins in 1999 when she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). With the diagnoses she decided to start eating better.  She soon felt great and decided to help others by opening the Eat Rite Cafe to teach others what she learned.

In 2012 She faced her second illness, a diagnoses of Breast Cancer. She thought she was doing everything right.  Through all the chemotherapy and radiation treatments she came to the realization that it is not just what we eat. Health involves so many factors.  She made up her mind to be healthy and make changes to avoid strike three.

Hollie would like to do the same for you and coach you through changes to better yourself.

This is the goal at Healthy Living by Hollies. To better yourself mentally, and physically. To live life to the fullest by being healthy and feeling confident in your body that God gave you.


Hollie had the opportunity to appear on Fox 66/NBC 25 news with Leslie Tolud discussing her 6 Healthy Lifestyle Habits.

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