Does your body scream Chemicals?

  1. Do you frown or have negative emotions?
  2. Do you drink pop?
  3. Do you drink any beverages that are artificially or naturally sweetened?
  4. Do you drink sports drinks?
  5. Do you drink more than 2 alcoholic beverages a day?
  6. Are you in the direct sun more than 15 minutes a day?
  7. Do you eat processed foods from a box or a can with every

meal or more than half your meals?

  1. Are your fruit and vegetables organic?
  2. Do you read labels and choose foods with the least amounts of ingredients?
  3. Do you smile or sing a lot?
  4. Do you say “sorry” or ask for forgiveness
  5. Do you drink filtered water?
  6. Do you get 7-8 hours of rest a night?
  7. Do your vitamins contain ingredients you do not know how to pronounce
  8. Do you take more than a few medications per day?
  9. Do you smoke? Chew gum? Use chemicals to clean house?
  10. Spray chemicals on hair, skin, lawn, suntan lotion

How many “No” answers do you have. The chemicals you put in your body may be a seed for disease robbing you of good health. If you answer more on this quiz try to eliminate them each day and make better choices. Live well…Live wise!!