I am convinced that we can do those natural remedies and not buy expensive over the counter medicines. Sometimes we need them; I get it. But let’s talk about some of the ingredients found in some non-natural products.

Ingredients that I want to talk about.

Sodium Benzoate:

This one floored me when I learned what this preservative does to people. This ingredient causes the item to last longer on the shelf; it makes me wonder what it is doing to the human body.

It is lethal carcinogenic when mixed with vitamin C. If you are taking a supplement with Sodium Benzoate and eat an orange simultaneously, you just added a lethal carcinogenic in your body. It’s very dangerous to the cell’s mitochondria (the cell’s energy); when you have two damaged cells form together, they can create a carcinogen. Weakened cells formed together is something I don’t want in my body anymore, Cancer.

BHA and BHT:

Processed Deli meat, cereals equals poison.

These are Cancer-causing endocrine disruptors. Endocrine disease is things such as thyroid disease or diabetes. Why would I want this stuff to mess with my hormones? If avoiding these chemicals in your food and the hot flashes go away, this is fantastic medicine.

Propyl gallate:

It often combines with BHA and BHT and is linked to Cancer.

Telcon: baby powder

Titanium dioxide- same ingredient in paint

Our cells hate this stuff.


An added sugar added to a lot of supplements just to get you to swallow it. This is poison.

Things such as popular antacids, allergy medicine, cough syrups, and aspirin are full of chemicals. They contain chemicals and dyes that are not good for you. When you think about treatment, it’s made out of human-made synthetic materials.

On the other hand, homeopathic supplements are a great option that doesn’t interfere with your medicines you’re currently taking. If your body likes a homeopathic remedy, you know it’s right for you because they don’t add all these additives like other counter supplements.

If you ignored these chemicals in your food and supplements., You may notice feeling better, and inflammation was going down. When eating them, your body is on red alert. What you need to think about is how to change your lifestyle to not need medication to fix a problem. This is my goal at healthy living by Hollie to help those who want to live healthily and not need prescriptions to be alive.